Sunday, May 31, 2015

Almost FREE Tutorial

Almost FREE Tutorial  at my Etsy Shop. $1.00

This piece is a Preciosa-Czech award winner, July 2014. (Since July 16-2015, it has gotten a new address in Pennsylvania).
The tutorial was published by Bead and Button Extra in April/2015.
My original version is more detailed and I will be very proud if you decide to have it to make your own piece.
There are three different techniques in this project that will take a while, but it is worth it.
I needed to enter a price on Etsy, but if you send me a message with your email, I will send this file for free.

I create my own patterns and tutorials.
I am a full time artisan that enjoys to spend weeks or months, if necessary, in one project until it matches my strict standard. 
- You are welcome to sell items you made from my classes and/or my tutorials, you have purchased, as long it is not mass production.
- If you publish (Internet , flyer, etc.) please, give the credit for Fatima Mensen-Potter, or insert the link .
- Thank you for respecting the copyright by not sharing or making copies of this work.